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Discord ID 144504622638170112

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This is also the guy that stole my "Characther Name" on WoW HardCore Server "Stitches"

Discord ID: 144504622638170112 - "Last used Nick: Steelflight"

Hi cant behave and is also posting pornografic pictures all over channels. Hi is a TROLL and not to be trusted.

Hi is a member of the World of Warcraft Guild's Discord server "Mystical Odour Classic" in EU.
Im not sure if hi is a member of the Retail version of the game. But if hi is kick him and dont have anything with him to do, its a bad person.

This guy is the same user that also taken my character name on the Hardcore server I first playd on, the 10 second I used to delete and create Holyfrey again hi stoled the characther name: Holyfrey ust on SPIKE. I realy hope this guy get what hi deserved someday. Trolls and Childish people like this dont deserved anything.



Updated: 12.10.2023

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