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Twitch Chat Commands you can use on my stream


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Here is a list of Chat comands you can use on the stream's chat:

!8ball - Ask the magic 8-ball a question
!accept - Accept a duel request from another chatter
!accountage - user was created 1 year 5 months 27 days 1 hour ago.
!bet - Bet on a contest.
!cancelduel - Cancel a duel request to another chatter
!chatstats - https://stats.StreamElements.com/c/$(channel) PogChamp
!commands - You can find a list of all Commands here https://StreamElements.com/${channel.alias}/commands
!contest - Show the currently active contest.
!deny - Deny a duel request from another chatter.
!duel - Duel another chatter for points.
!emotes - Active BTTV emotes in chat: Clap KKaper gachiBASS gachiGASM monkaS
!enter - Buy tickets for a giveaway.
!followage - ${user1} has been following ${user2} for 1 year 5 months 27 days 1 hour
!giveaway - Show the currently active giveaway.
!givepoints - Transfer points to another user.
!items - Available items are: item1, item2, item3 https://StreamElements.com/${channel.alias}/store
!join - Join an active raffle.
!leaderboard - Check out the $(pointsname) Leaderboard here https://StreamElements.com/${channel.alias}/leaderboard
!next - next song: MrSuicideSheep - WE WON ZULUL [2m3s] requested by LordFluffyButt https://youtu.be/9OG-Qr1qAe4
!points - (user) has $(user.points) $(pointsname) and is rank $(user.points_rank) on the leaderboard.
!queue - Create and manage queues with your viewers.
!quote - Show a random Quote, or search by #ID or text.
!redeem - You successfully redeemed item1 for 420 points.
!roulette - gamble your life away.
!slots - Play the slot machine.
!song - current song: harambe.waw - WE WON ZULUL [2m3s] requested by nuuls https://youtu.be/9OG-Qr1qAe4
!songrequest - Request a song by youtube id, url or video title.
!tip - You can Tip to $(channel) using this link https://StreamElements.com/${channel.alias}/tip
!top - Show the top of the leaderboard.
!uptime - {channel} has been streaming for 2 hours 20 mins.
!voteskip - Vote to skip the current song.
!watchtime - {user} has spent ${user.time_online|'0 seconds'} watching ${channel}
!when - "My Summer Car - Radio Chill" is at #2 in the queue and is playing 2 mins 3 secs.
!wrongsong - Removes your last song from the queue.

!bingo - Play a game of emote-bingo.
!cancelraffle - Cancel an active raffle.
!closestore - Disable all items in the Stream Store.
!command - Add, edit and delete chat commands.
!disablesfx - Disable all Sound Effect items in the Stream Store.
!editcounter - Edit a custom ${count <name>}/${getcount <name>} counter.
!enablesfx - Enable all Sound Effect items in the Stream Store.
!kappagen - KappaGen emotesplosions.
!openstore - Enable all items in the Stream Store.
!pause - Pause songrequest playback.
!permit - Prevent a viewer from getting timed out for 60 seconds.
!play - Resume songrequest playback.
!raffle - Start a raffle with multiple winners.
!removesong - Remove a users songs, or a single song from the queue.
!skip - Skip the current song.
!songqueue - you can see the songrequest queue here https://StreamElements.com/${channel.alias}/songrequest
!sraffle - Start a raffle with a single winner.
!srclear - Clear the entire MediaRequest queue.

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