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This is the Official Homepage of the WoW Guild Holy Vikings


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Official Guild Leader for the real Holy Vikings guild is the Twich Streamer: Holyfrey

On Server: Wild Growth - PVE (Season of Discovery EU) the Guild leader characther name is: Holyfreytv

This is to inform that some Internett Trolls are harassment me the owner and stream, and to inform you all, Never belive in anything you hear if its not here on the forums or on our Discord. As alot of Stupid Internett Trolls are harasment our guild and our Guild Leader. Remember the TRolls also is trying to take our name and characthers name so here you can "Verify" what characther name the real Holyfrey are using on the servers we have the guild in.


Internett Trolls like to destroy things and I have done nothing agains them, they only thing they dont like is that Im a Friend with another Streamer that plays, and as the Internett Trolls dont like that person they will harasment me to. But I ust trying to ignore them, and makeing my Homepage so people can see the true thing here, and not all the FAKE info the Trolls are publishing out on the internett. If you whant real info and contacting me then it is here you can find it.

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