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A-Emote Complete Pack Edition - HolyFrey

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Here you can download the A-Emote pack, its and old addon from vanilla that are working again thanks to "Codermik" an awsome WoW addon developer. Download link is at the end this page.


After you have added it to your Addon folder you most activate all "A-emotes" in your addon list in game then you can create macros or use one of the commands under:


Drwho Emotes: (CurseForge=

/ae drwho naughty
/ae drwho burp
/ae drwho exterminate
/ae drwho burn
/ae drwho naughtything
/ae drwho mum
/ae drwho daleksqueak
/ae drwho run
/ae drwho comfortably
/ae drwho goodnight
/ae drwho feedme

Full Metal Jacket Emotes:

/ae fullmetalj 3seconds
/ae fullmetalj eskimo
/ae fullmetalj fatass
/ae fullmetalj getupthere
/ae fullmetalj gtfdnow
/ae fullmetalj hardon
/ae fullmetalj forever
/ae fullmetalj dontfall
/ae fullmetalj beaucoup

HolyFrey's Emotes: (CurseForge)

/ae holyfrey murluck1
/ae holyfrey murluck2
/ae holyfrey murluck3
/ae holyfrey murluck4
/ae holyfrey murluckdance
/ae holyfrey starwars
/ae holyfrey imgayiamf
/ae holyfrey kidnation
/ae holyfrey yourefast
/ae holyfrey dbmrunaway
/ae holyfrey moredotsmoredots
/ae holyfrey wehavevisitors
/ae holyfrey gordonwakeup
/ae holyfrey wakeup
/ae holyfrey sheeitboy
/ae holyfrey sheeeeit
/ae holyfrey cthunyouwildie
/ae holyfrey horn
/ae holyfrey dingding
/ae holyfrey readyrumble
/ae holyfrey strekenveps
/ae holyfrey welcomewhohave
/ae holyfrey welcomewelcome
/ae holyfrey bam
/ae holyfrey cookie
/ae holyfrey hic
/ae holyfrey huh
/ae holyfrey sneeze
/ae holyfrey jabadabadu

Laugh Emotes: (CurseForge)

/ae laugh lol1
/ae laugh lol2
/ae laugh lollong
/ae laugh trlol1
/ae laugh trlol2
/ae laugh trlol3long
/ae laugh comedybarnlol1
/ae laugh comedybarnlol2
/ae laugh comedybarnlol3
/ae laugh comedybarnlollong
/ae laugh strekenlol

Codermik's Emotes:  (CurseForge)

/ae codermik bennyhill
/ae codermik doomed
/ae codermik exterminate
/ae codermik femalebadass
/ae codermik femalewtf
/ae codermik finishher
/ae codermik finishhim
/ae codermik maleflirt
/ae codermik malewtf
/ae codermik leeroy
/ae codermik mariodies
/ae codermik murluck
/ae codermik novictory
/ae codermik uglygirl
/ae codermik wipeout
/ae codermik woot
/ae codermik yippeekiyay

Kelly Emotes:

/ae kelly shoes
/ae kelly suck
/ae kelly rule
/ae kelly 300
/ae kelly fu
/ae kelly stupidboy
/ae kelly top
/ae kelly friends
/ae kelly sandpapery
/ae kelly bootycalls

Leeroy Emotes:

/ae leeroy bleed
/ae leeroy droopy
/ae leeroy gettothechoppah
/ae leeroy grabass
/ae leeroy helobaby
/ae leeroy onyxiawipe
/ae leeroy podbay
/ae leeroy runforr
/ae leeroy waslike

MillHouse Emotes:  (CurseForge)

/ae millhouse allright
/ae millhouse cookin
/ae millhouse defend
/ae millhouse headache
/ae millhouse iceicebaby
/ae millhouse imdying
/ae millhouse jumpin
/ae millhouse justwait
/ae millhouse lawyer
/ae millhouse lonely
/ae millhouse noidea
/ae millhouse protspells
/ae millhouse summonwater
/ae millhouse sweat
/ae millhouse sweetcheeks
/ae millhouse whoopass
/ae millhouse whosbad

WonderWoman Emotes:

/ae WonderWoman WonderWoman
/ae WonderWoman 1942
/ae WonderWoman liar
/ae WonderWoman outfromunder
/ae WonderWoman satintights
/ae WonderWoman villians

Jony C Emotes: (Music Clips)

/ae jonyc laface
/ae jonyc babygotback
/ae jonyc zombie
/ae jonyc fyi
/ae jonyc brains
/ae jonyc voices
/ae jonyc creepy



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